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Medico Peste (PL)

Zoccolo 2.0, Saint-Petersburg

June 19 2021

from 1 400 RUB

The third year has passed since the band from Krakow visited St. Petersburg and Moscow and we are again happy to spread the word that in 2020 musicians will return to Russia. This time MEDICO PESTE will perform in both capitals with their new album «ב: The Black Bile», which we have been waiting for for eight long years since the previous full-length record. This time visitors will have an opportunity to hear the motifs of religiosity, death, and the all-consuming phenomenon of the Plague well known to mankind from the Middle Ages, which in its murder gave fertile ground for creativity for hundreds of years in advance.

June 19th 
Zoccolo 2.0, Saint-Petersburg
Doors open at 19:00

Line up:
Medico Peste (PL)
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