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Nocturnal Witch (DE)

Serdce, St. Petersburg

December 27

from 999 RUB

Four years have passed since the last arrival of German black / thrash metal artillery in Moscow. During this time the band managed to renew its lineup and in April the new album “A Thousand Pyres” was released, which was the first release since the debut «Summoning Hell» from 2014. With all the new hellfire anthems and already familiar high-speed litanies to dark forces NOCTURNAL WITCH is rushing to both Russian capitals this year. 

Without superfluous preludes, we offer all metal maniacs and their friends to say goodbye to the outgoing year together with the madmen from Thuringia in a frenzied slaughter on December 27 in Moscow and December 28 in St. Petersburg!

December 27th 
Serdce, Saint-Petersburg
Doors open at 19:00

Line up:
Nocturnal Witch (DE)

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