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Svartidauði (IS)

Zoccolo 2.0, Saint-Petersburg

October 16

from 1 600 RUB

The peculiar decade of Icelandic black metal in two capitals of the Russian state will be continued by pioneers of the contemporary Icelandic scene — Svartidauði. Being named after the plague, the band uniquely reveals the theme of Black Death: the songs here are more likely to be devoted to the modern appearance of the disease shaped into total decomposition of morality and ideals under the yoke of the inglorious urban and its decadent inhabitants. It is not difficult to notice that the buboes and widespread pestilence in the enlightened twenty-first century were replaced by a much more sophisticated and dangerous challenge, which is now lying not in the sphere of the physical, but mental. And Svartidauði will not fail to remind you about the invisible horsemen of this apocalypse and their immediate proximity.

October 16th 
Zoccolo 2.0, Saint-Petersburg
Doors open at 19:00

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Svartidauði (IS)

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